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The success story of H-BAU Technik

The success story of H-BAU Technik

From sealing to thermal insulation, from formwork to sound insulation and for each product category customized solutions: Product variety is a top priority at H-BAU Technik. However, our product range was not always as extensive as it is today. It all started small with one man and his desire for independence.


Company foundation by Gerhard Horstmann as "Baubedarf Horstmann GmbH" in Klettgau-Grießen
Move to Klettgau-Erzingen and start of production of concrete spacers
Market launch of RAPIDOBAT® forming tubes
Foundation of the production and storage facility in Wachow
Market launch of PENTAFLEX® waterproofing technology
Takeover by the Pohl family and change of name to H-BAU Technik GmbH, as well as market launch of ISOPRO® thermal insulation elements
Innovation award for BOXFER® reinforcement connection
Innovation award for POWERCON® Load Connectors
Integration of the KUNEX GmbH joint tape production division including the rights to the products
Innovation award for RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD forming tube
Expansion of the company headquarters in Klettgau-Erzingen
Joint distribution under the new company PohlCon Vertriebs GmbH

Gerhard Horstmann finds his market niche

If you trace the historical roots of H-BAU Technik back to its beginnings, you will end up in the grit of the 70s. In this part of the small community of Klettgau, Gerhard Horstmann pursued the desire to become self-employed. So in 1977, he founded the "Baubedarf Horstmann GmbH". What began as a pure trading company with two employees quickly grew into something bigger.
Just three years later, the company moved to the Klettgau district of Erzingen, where it started its production of concrete spacers. In 1985 the company produced RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes for the first time in Klettgau and Hausen. With this product, the company finally earned a name for itself on the market.


Using common strengths within the group of companies

Another production and storage facility of Baubedarf Horstmann was built in Wachow in Brandenburg in 1992. However, the demand for high-quality shuttering tubes increased rapidly, and the production hall soon became too small. So the new building of the hall followed already one year later. In 1993, the company also entered into a partnership with Deutsche Kahneisen Gesellschaft mbH (DKG) and with PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik. Together the companies founded the sales company "J&P - die Baupartner".
In 2001 the company was taken over by the Pohl family of shareholders and renamed H-BAU Technik. Ingomar Pohl was already the owner of DKG and the cable support system manufacturer PUK. Together, the three manufacturer brands now formed a powerful group of companies. To this day, they continue to impress their customers with their expertise, experience, and a high-quality product range.

PohlCon - Release synergies together

After H-BAU Technik and JORDAHL (formerly DKG) had already founded a joint distribution company in 2017, they embarked on a new path two years later. In 2019, both companies combined their extensive product range and expertise with that of the PUK Group - the sales brand PohlCon was born. Now the customers of the three manufacturers got a single contact person for seven fields of application and ten different product categories. The comprehensive synergy concept was first introduced in 2019 with a joint trade fair appearance at the BAU in Munich.