Our Vision

It is our mission not only to provide the very latest building technology, but to also be one crucial step ahead of the game at all times. That is why we are constantly undertaking pioneering work in all product areas. Our employees consistently put their extensive practical experience and creativity to use in the interests of our customers. In constant dialogue with our target groups on a partnership basis, we are already developing the products today that will be needed tomorrow. Our momentum continues to set benchmarks for structural engineering – yesterday, today and tomorrow, too. This is what we mean by "Forward Constructing".

Our Values

As your partner, we want you to benefit when working with us – not only from our products, but also from the values that we represent. Our ideas are therefore not only our conviction, but also the promise on which you can build your success.


Our focus is on people. We are approachable. We are available. We are real. We go even where it hurts. We are compassionate, reliable, honest. We act Forward Constructing by uniting authenticity and courage for our customers. In a collaborative dialogue we always find answers to the market’s demands


We know what we can do. We have proven it for more than 35 years. With our products, we set milestones in building technology. This makes us proud and gives us strength. We act Forward Constructing because instead of resting on our laurels, we dedicate every day to our pragmatic and professional search for forward-looking innovations.


Conditions may change. Client requirements may change. Plans, too, are never set in stone. We always accommodate changes – and adapt accordingly. Even before the changes are made. We act Forward Constructing by developing and offering you solutions today for the challenges of tomorrow.