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FERBOX®: Improved reverse bending connector with ETA and comprehensive design software

For more than 30 years, we have been producing prefabricated reverse bending connectors for the friction-locked connection of reinforced concrete components of different construction sections. The further development of our traditional product offers you additional advantages in planning and on the construction site.

One product for all joints: tuck box with dimpled structure

DIN EN 1992-1-1 distinguishes between very smooth, smooth, rough, and interlocked joints when it comes to the surface quality of joints. Instead of choosing between product variants depending on the area of application, there is now only one variant in FERBOX® 2.0. The profiled dimple structure of the new FERBOX® storage boxes makes it possible to consider each joint as an interlocked joint and to dimension it accordingly. Structural engineers therefore no longer have to think long and hard about which FERBOX® variant they need. They always automatically get the product that can carry very high loads. Also, there is no longer any danger of confusing the different FERBOX® variants with each other on the construction site.


Cover made of galvanized sheet steel

The reverse bending connectors are supplied with a lid that can no longer be used after the product has been used. Previously, this lid was still made of plastic as standard, which had to be disposed of separately. FERBOX® 2.0 is now made entirely of galvanized steel. This makes it easier to remove the new sheet steel lid and dispose of it later as scrap metal. This means that the ecological aspect of the product has also been taken into account.


ETA-legitimized product

FERBOX® has received the European Technical Approval "ETA 20/0842" and is thus currently the only reverse bending connector on the market that is legitimized with European approval. This proves that our product meets the technical requirements within the European Union.


Unique software offer & synergy effects

A comprehensive software package is available to go with the new product. With the FERBOX®-DESIGN planning software, you can quickly calculate all common design cases of the reverse bending connectors and then receive a verifiable design printout. Not only the reverse bending connectors but also statically related products such as JDA punching shear reinforcement from JORDAHL can be designed and purchased via the application. You will find such a comprehensive range of software for reverse bend connections currently only with us.

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