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With a few clicks to the optimal balcony connection

New technologies are changing the way buildings are planned. To make this process as easy as possible for you, we offer clever tools such as our design software ISODESIGN. The user-friendly application guides you step by step to your optimal thermo-insulated balcony connection.

High planning requirements for balcony connections

Balconies, arcades, or canopies are among the most common thermal bridges in a building. In times of increasing energy awareness and legal energy saving regulations, the thermal separation between the building envelope and projecting components is of enormous importance. At the same time, planners are faced with the challenge of planning the connections safely, efficiently, and economically. That is where our design software ISODESIGN comes into play.

Various balcony geometries and efficient design

We have developed the tool, especially for our ISOPRO series. The connecting elements connect projecting reinforced concrete components with the building in a friction-locked and thermally decoupled manner. The matching software ISODESIGN contains an integrated FEM module. With a few clicks, you can carry out an economical design and adapt the different product types to your own design situation. Furthermore, various balcony geometries can be calculated. The module "free input" gives you room for even more individual designs. Thanks to the freely selectable arrangement of intermediate insulation bodies, transport anchors for precast balconies can be arranged flexibly. Also, the economic utilization of the respective product types can be done.

Step by step to your optimal balcony connection

The ISODESIGN software guides you step by step through your designs. Once all project data have been entered, you will receive a verifiable printout of your static calculation as well as a parts list for your project. If you would like to request an offer on this basis, you can forward the data directly from the software to our sales brand PohlCon. You will receive your offer calculation by e-mail shortly afterwards.
Click here for a free download of the ISODESIGN software.