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New production hall for our sealing production

We increase our sealing production. A few weeks ago, our manufacturer brand H-BAU Technik completed a new production hall on the premises in Klettgau. At the end of August/beginning of September, we will be producing the first seam sheets and shuttering elements in the new building.

Efficiency growth through additional capacities

"The expansion of production at H-BAU Technik is a big step forward for the entire group of companies. Our new building will optimize the production and warehousing of all products for waterproof building components, especially the production of specially coated seam sheets. At the same time, the hall will provide sufficient space to expand the production facilities", says PohlCon Managing Director Michael Pantelmann. "With this investment, we are well prepared for the coming years in the sealing sector."
The 3,600 square meter production hall not only provides space for more employees, but also for additional welding workstations. In the future, modules of the PENTAFLEX® ABS shuttering element (including sealing) can be produced at a total of five welding workstations. "With the new, optimally planned hall and the additional production capacities we will further increase our efficiency in the future", says Philipp Bercher, plant manager of H-BAU-Technik-Werke.

Construction work continues after the move

By the end of October, the complete sealing production will have moved into the new hall. After that, work on the building will continue. H-BAU Technik has built the new production hall on a site of the Klettgau premises, where until recently, there used to be an old foundry. The building had been severely affected by flooding. To make room for the new hall, a large part of the foundry has already been demolished. The remaining part of the old building will now gradually be dismantled.