PENTAFLEX® Agrar Fugenblech für JGS-Anlagen

PENTAFLEX® Agrar can be used in all construction joints, both horizontal and vertical, and in the presence of pressing water, manure, liquid manure and silage effluent. PENTAFLEX KB® 167 Agrar elements are fully coated on both sides with a special coating. The connection of the special coating to fresh concrete reliably prevents an infiltration of the joint system by water or other media. An anchoring depth of 40 mm is sufficient to withstand a test pressure of 2.0 bar. The high elasticity of the coating ensures reliable sealing when the concrete structural components shrink. The individual elements are provided with a divided protective film on both sides that is only removed immediately before concreting.

Assembly Instruction


  • DIBt approval for JGS systems
  • Testet uo to 2.0 bar (DIBt approval 0.8 bar, safety factor 2.5)
  • Regular installation monitoring thanks to a standardized line
  • Simple an reliable connection
  • No special tools or adhesive materials required

Technical Details

  • General technical approval Z-74.101-175
  • Galvanised steel sheet with special coating and standardised line