PENTAFLEX® OPTI wall strengthener

PENTAFLEX® OPTI wall strengtheners comprise a plastic tube with an internal diameter of 22 mm and integrated water stops. In addition, the wall strengthener is provided with the tried-and-tested PENTAFLEX® coating which achieves a water-impermeable bond between the tie point and the concrete. Sealing plugs and OPTI-stoppers turn the PENTAFLEX® OPTI wall strengthener into an easily manageable, pressing-water-resistant tie point.


  • Tested for water-tightness: Up to 5 bar pressure in the direction of stopper insertion
  • Can be closed immediately after stripping the formwork
  • Installation and closure independent of the weather

Technical Details

  • Plastic tie points with integrated water stops and PENTAFLEX® coating
  • Lengths of 240, 250, 300, 350, 365 and 400 mm as standard
  • Internal diameter of 22 mm
  • Sealing plugs and opti stoppers included in the delivery