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ISOMUR® wall base elements

Thermal bridges caused by geometric and material factors represent a typical weak point in the thermal insulation in the wall-to-base area above the basement ceiling. The ISOMUR® Plus wall base element solves the problem of thermal bridges at the wall base, closes the gap in the discontinuous thermal insulation and thus minimises heat loss through the base of the building. The elements are approved by the building authorities in accordance with no. Z-17.1-811, and reliably reduce thermal bridges in accordance with DIN 4108-2 and EnEV.


  • Healthy and comfortable indoor climate
  • Saving on heating costs as a result of minimised heat loss
  • Prevents thermal bridges and therefore damage caused by mould and moisture
  • High compressive strength and therefore no loss in insulating quality if moisture is created during the construction phase
  • Non-absorptive material

Technical Details

  • Material approved by the building authorities
  • Foamed Styropor with integrated load-bearing structure made of high-strength lightweight concrete
  • Brick compressive strength class 20
  • Non-absorptive element