Alleenhof Carré Ludwigsburg

Family-friendly residential complex


Thermal insulation
Architekturbüro Reisser
Wohnbau Reisser
Construction company
Karl Wildermuth GmbH u. CoKG und Arge Karl Köhler
End of construction

In two building sections, 116 condominiums which are embedded in ambitious grounds have been created in Ludwigsburg inner city. The Alleenhof Carré provides living space concepts for every generation. Families have a lot of space in the generous maisonette apartments. Older Ludwigsburg residents will find a beautiful home in the apartments specially developed for older people.with between two and four rooms. In addition, there are luxury penthouses for singles or couples without children. The Salonwald is located opposite the residential complex and some balconies offer an idyllic view of the old forest.

To prevent thermal weak spots, such as thermal bridges in the area of the protruding reinforced steel slabs, tried-and-tested ISOPRO® balcony connections were installed.

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