Edeka Munich

Building a new full-range supermarket


Architect: Guschmann, Much Architecture Firm
Schoofs Gruppe
Construction company
Benjamin van Marwick Construction Company, Isselburg
End of construction

The Bogenhausen-Daglfing district of Munich has been home to a new Edeka supermarket since autumn 2014. Several products from the company H-BAU Technik were used in the complex, which is 1400 m² in size. The new development PENTAFLEX KB® Plus combines a reliable joint seal for pressurised water with the creation of an equipotential bonding conductor which is required in accordance with DIN 18014. This allows savings to be made on time and materials in an economical matter. The tried-and-tested PENTAFLEX® shuttering elements can be connected with no restrictions. PENTAFLEX® ABS has been used successfully to create water-tight construction joints in water-stressed reinforced concrete slabs for many years now, in particular where there is a high demand on the shear strength of the bonding joint. The newly developed A-CV shuttering strip is the ideal complement to the PENTAFLEX® ABS shuttering elements. The A-CV shuttering strip reliably ensures that concrete leakage and the associated loss of fines are kept to a minimum.