Elbdeck Hamburg

Exclusive location on the banks of the River


Carsten Roth Architekt Hamburg
AUG. Prien Immobiliengesellschaft für Projektentwicklung mbH, HBI Hausbau-Immobiliengesellschaft mbH commissioned by GbR Elbdeck
End of construction

The approximately 100 high-quality rented flats and the office and commercial spaces of the Elbdeck in Hamburg-Neumühlen offer residents and visitors an exclusive location on the banks of the River Elbe. The fish market and the historic harbour are only a short walk away. The complex, which was constructed in the manner of a reinforced concrete frame and has protruding shear walls, seamlessly merges with the harbour's existing buildings. The three new buildings extend to a length of 200 m and project upwards to a height of nine storeys. An underground car park with around 280 parking spaces forms the structure's foundation. This serves as a flood protection measure at the same time, as the beautiful location on the water has its drawbacks too.

The PENTAFLEX KB® elements supplied by H-BAU Technik reliably protect the water-impermeable building against the ingress of water.