Fuchs Fertigteilwerke Karlsruhe

New production site


FUCHS Röttenbach GmbH
FUCHS Fertigteilwerke GmbH
Construction company
FUCHS Röttenbach GmbH
End of construction

The new production site for FUCHS Fertigteilwerke in Karlsruhe promises a good start to a successful year 2016. It is a continuation of the consistent development of its nationwide presence. The company offers an extensive range of services, including in the fields of structural prefabricated parts, pre-stressed concrete, architectural concrete, noise protection and environmental technology. The location of the plant, with good transport links directly on motorway A5 optimises the activities in the conurbations of Frankfurt, Mannheim and Stuttgart. Even the French market can be well served from this location. The newly established office building consists of five prefabricated room modules made of concrete. Each module weighs 36 tons and was produced carefully in the FUCHS prefabricated parts plants.

To connect the heavy loads together reliably, H-BAU Technik delivered POWERCON wall locks. The system makes it possible to construct a building in record time and dramatically increase productivity in the overall production and assembly.

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