Granary Freiberg

Black exposed concrete columns


Construction company
Ingenieurbau LSTW GmbH, Freiberg
End of construction

The 500-year-old granary in Freiberg is one of the most complex and interesting projects in the field of renovation of historic structures in the administrative district of Central Saxony. The RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD columns, which are exposed concrete columns that are black in colour and support the new suspended ceiling, were one of the products to inspire the head design engineers and members of the Committee on Culture's new users of the building. Black exposed concrete had not previously been widely used in projects of this type, but in agreement with the architect Carsten Benedix, head design engineer Arne Gorzolla and LSTW's management, the challenge of integrating new concrete columns in a historic building was accepted. The finished building proved the pessimists wrong.