Hall of residence in Munich

New construction of modern student accommodation


Thermal insulation
Steinert & Trösch Structural Engingeering Office, Amberg Cordes & Partner, Ottobrunn
Grammer Immobilien, Amberg | Meier Betonwerke, Lauterhofen
Construction company
Schnek, Nürnberg
End of construction

In the new student accommodation in Bavaria's state capital, Munich, students have a choice of flats ranging from 19 m² to 45 m². The outstanding location in close proximity to the English Garden, shops and public transport makes this an ideal place for students to live. As a result of taking measures so that the building complies with the Efficiency House 55 Standard set by KfW (a German government-owned development bank), the building is more sustainable, thus resulting in low operating costs in the long term. When choosing the construction materials, long-lasting and resistant materials that would be able to withstand extensive use were top on the list.

H-BAU Technik produced special solutions for this project in the range of ISOMAXX® thermal insulation elements.

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