Jebel Hafeet Abu Dhabi

3000 villas in Al Ain


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Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Coucil (UPC)
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The Jebel Hafeet Mountain rises 1,300 meters above sea level and is a popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. At the western foot of the mountain range, in the middle of a naturally grown oasis, presented the city of Al Ain. It is considered a center for agriculture and for original Bedouin life. As part of major political projects arise here Since 2013 over 3000 villas, including the associated infrastructure such as schools, parks, mosques and health centers on an area of 4.4 million square meters.

Dr Eng. Frank Prochiner headed the H-BAU UNICON® team working at the construction site in Abu Dhabi to provide optimum support for all persons involved in the project. Operating for 35 days in the precast facility and on a construction site in the Al Ain desert at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius not only provided practice in dealing with the heat but also particularly valuable on site experience with the Unicon System. 

With the UNICON® System, the time spent erecting a wall, including hoisting with a crane, is approximately one minute per wall. All the times taken for the different jobs with the Jebel Hafeet Project in Al Ain were recorded in detail down to the minute and evaluated.

The total construction time per floor for this type of villa with 27 walls is approximately 480 minutes. Of this, only just on 15-20% of the overall construction time is necessary for actually connecting the walls with the UNICON® System. This means that the connecting work is more than five times faster 

Read here the press release „Precast Villas to Go“.

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