Lion Grove Super Tree Singapore

Artificial trees for a green Singapore


Sealing Reinforcement
Grant Associates, Wilkinson Eyre Architects, CPG consultants (Architect)
Expand Construction Pte Ltd
Construction company
National Parks Board
End of construction

In the modern Marina South district, just next to the luxury Marina Bay Sands hotel, the "Garden by the Bay" was created in 2011. With an area of 101 hectares, this garden offers local residents and visitors a huge relaxation area. Part of the green space is made up of 18 "Super Trees", artificial trees made of precast concrete elements, which extend 25 to 50 metres high into the sky. On the outside, the "Super Trees" have been planted with a total of 162,900 hanging plants of various types and have been fitted with rainwater collection systems. A 128-metre-long walkway connects the two 42-metre-tall structures. Visitors can enjoy a generous bird's-eye view here.

FERBOX® reinforcement attachments and coated PENTAFLEX® seam sheets are used. 

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