Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House Berlin

Building an extension in Berlin's government quarter


Stephan Braunfels Architekten
Federal Republic of Germany | represented by the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development | represented by the Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
End of construction

Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders House in Berlin is primarily characterised by the outside staircase leading to the River Spree. The extension building, which was completed in 2014, is a continuation of the existing complex in the direction of Luisenstraße and has since marked the completion, for the time being, of the east end of the "Band of the Federation" designed by Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank. 

H-BAU Technik produced RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes of up to 20 metres in length as a special solution for this challenging project. These ensure that the building operations run smoothly and without incident. In order to meet the high quality demands placed on the exposed concrete columns in the interior area, H-BAU Technik supplied RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes of RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD design.

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