Mechanical engineering school Ansbach

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Formwork Sound insulation
Dömges Architekten AG
istrict of Middle Franconia
Construction company
Moezer GmbH
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The mechanical engineering school in Ansbach was officially inaugurated in 2009 after a three-year construction phase. Since then, around 320 pupils and 40 teachers have been coming and going here each day. With a main usable area spanning 5000 square metres, practical training is an important part of the curriculum. Modern workshops and machines as well as plenty of classrooms are available.  The large windows in the foyer, the workshops and the inner courtyard ensure that the rooms are flooded with light.

Schall-ISOSTEP® HT-V and TSP impact sound plates were used. These ensure optimal acoustic isolation of the stairwell walls, halls and landings. In addition, high-quality exposed concrete supports were cast with the help of RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes.