Paper mill Pöls

More place for Europe's biggest kraft paper machine


Connection Sound insulation Sealing Formwork
Schüster Engineering GmbH Neuborg/Kammel
Heinzel Pulp Zellstoff Pöls AG in Pöls
Construction company
ARGE PM2 Pöls, Dywidag-G.Hinteregger; Salzburg
End of construction

At the end of 2013, Europe's biggest kraft paper machine went into operation in Pöls in Austria. The largest manufacturer of market pulp in Central and Eastern Europe – the Heinzel Group – invested a total of approximately 115 million euros for the machine, which is 100 m in length. The newly constructed paper mill, which is 160 m in length, provides enough space for this machine. Since the core part of the machine alone – the drying cylinder – weighs 150 tons, the floor of the production facility had to be reinforced with numerous columns.

JORDAHL H-BAU GmbH Austria supplied JORDAHL and H-BAU construction products for this project. H-BAU products used were two kinds of sheer dowel, Sound-ISOBOX, PENTAFLEX KB® 167, as well as RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD shuttering tubes.