PerianderGarten Fürth

Central living at the Lochner'sches Gartenhaus


Thermal insulation Sound insulation Formwork
Dürschinger architecture firm; architects Dieter Karl Ludwig and Rolf Perlhofer
Wohnwürth GmbH
End of construction

In the centre of one of the most beautiful areas of Fürth, directly next to the Lochner'sches Gartenhaus, a residential complex consisting of three buildings has been constructed. The five room designs offer maximum living comfort and convenience. From generous garden and roof terrace apartments to elegant lofts with their own workshops – individual living is the name of the game in the PerianderGarten. The modern apartments were constructed in accordance with the energy saving regulation, EnEV 2009, and offer barrier-free access.

ISOPRO® balcony connections and Schall-ISOTRITT® type Z impact sound supports were used. These enable acoustic isolation of supports on landings and floors. In addition, square concrete supports were cast with the help of RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes.