New construction of the airport taxiwayZurich, Switzerland

The flight operation areas are exposed to high loads on a daily basis. In the course of the new construction of the taxiway TWY E1 at runway head 16, the glass fibre reinforcement FIBERNOX® V-ROD was used in the areas of the new sensor loops.

The high-strength FIBERNOX® V-ROD reinforcement bars are anti-magnetic and only slightly electrically conductive, so that interference-free functioning of the sensitive measuring and communication technology in the base plate is possible. Furthermore, the permanently corrosion-resistant FIBERNOX® V-ROD is suitable for use in demanding environments, such as in this case on taxiways, which are regularly cleared of snow and ice with de-icing agents in winter.

H-BAU Technik supplied straight FIBERNOX® V-ROD bars with a diameter of 12 mm as well as the matching FIBERNOX spacers for this Zurich construction project.

Flughafen Zürich AG
Building Company
Walo Bertschinger AG und Implenia Schweiz AG
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