Haus der MusikInnsbruck, Austria

The Haus der Musik in Innsbruck was opened in 2018. Several Austrian cultural institutions have found a new home on more than 13,000 square metres and six levels. In addition to various concert halls, the building has a large number of classrooms as well as a library (386 rooms in total). The building is an eye-catcher: with its high-quality but discreet black façade, the panoramic staircase and the panoramic windows that feed natural light into the building, and a large concert hall (510 seats) that forms the heart of the building, the Haus der Musik unquestionably joins the list of modern architectural objects.

But it is not only the concert hall that stands out, the forecourt also has a lot to offer. Here, a coloured creative concrete was used in which our FIBERNOX® V-ROD GFK-reinforcement was installed. The reinforcement meets the highest durability requirements and is therefore ideally suited for use in corrosive environments - a not insignificant aspect, especially in winter, when the forecourt has to be regularly cleared of snow and ice with salt.  

H-BAU Technik supplied the FIBERNOX® V-ROD GFK-reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm (straight bars) as well as FIBERNOX spacers for the forecourt.

Innsbrucker Immobilien GmbH & Co KG
ARGE Strolz + Dietrich/ Untertrifaller
Construction Period