The function of the German concrete and building technique association E. V. (DBV) is the promotion of science and research for advancement of technical basics in the area of concrete building and engineering.
Bavarian double-wall quality association
The Double-Wall Quality Association (Qualitätsgemeinschaft Doppelwand) is a consortium of innovative Bavarian companies with the common aim of providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective, precision prefabricated concrete parts.
The association of studies for subterraneous traffic facilities e. V. is a non-profit research institution. Basic research and special examinations, focused on fields of subterraneous building activity as well as rail and road traffic belongs to their fields of activity.
ECS association
The technical trade association for fastening, reinforcement and frontage technique ECS supports in collaboration with its members, the usage and preservation of top quality products, as well as the advancement of the reinforced concrete construction.
ESC Association
Association of construction systems e.V.
The aim of the association of construction systems e. V. (Bundesverband Bausysteme e.V.) is the promotion of new developments of building trade. The industrial prefabrication finds a special attention from the angle of the economic building activity.
Association of construction systems e.V